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About Us

BRAT Computers came first. It was started in 2004 offering superior computer repair for the lowest prices. Then in 2015 TR Industries LLC was founded by Richard and Jackie Berka. At that point BRAT Computers became a subsidiary of TR Industries. Soon after that BRAT Vapor was also added as a subsidiary.

Why we are best
for you


We are known to discontinue products that multiple customers have issues with. At BRAT we want only the best.

Customer Service

We do a lot of research on our products. Because of this we can inform our customers much better than the other guys can.


We don't rest until the customer is happy.


We offer a variety of services.

Computer Repair/

desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones...

Vapor Shop/

e-juice, mods, batteries, accessories...

TR Industries LLC/

Expanding the brand daily.

/Security Systems

We put you in control of things.


new and used electronics

/Tech Support

Come in to the store and get help, or pay for a tech support subscription.


Our Team

From left to right... Richard & Jackie Berka are the sole owners of TR Industries LLC, which is the parent company of BRAT Computers and BRAT Vapor. Nate is the company manager and handles the day to day operations. Camron is the senior sales and an assistant tech. These are the company go to people. Other employees are not featured.

the BRAT crew!

"Practical Solutions @ Practical Prices"

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Our contact form is under construction. Please send emails to richard@thebratcrew.com. If you are a vendor, please allow for a 24 hour response time.

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